September Workshops:

Bach Flower Level 1: September 11 & 12 $375

Medical Dowsing: September 13 to 14 $375

Medicine of the Trees: September 18 to 21 $750

October Workshops:

Basic  Iridology: October 2 & 3 $500 (Requires Pre Study)

5 Element Iridology: October 4 & 5 $500 (Basic Iridology Required)

Auriculotherapy (Ear Reflex Therapy): October 11 & 12 $375

Retreats and Workshops For Personal Interest

Aarastyn Holistic Awareness is a retreat for learning Holistic Healing and lifestyle, or just a chance to get away for yourself or a group. Enjoy Country Quiet in a healing atmosphere to replenish, rejuvenate, and refresh your body mind and spirit. Include Learning, Lifestyle, & Healing Sessions  in your stay!

Accommodations and Student Housing

Workshop Retreat Special!!

Sign up and Pay for Medicine of the Trees September 18 to 21 $750 or Intuitive Healing Radiesthesia (Medical Dowsing) September 13 & 14 $375 and your accommodations are included in your fees.

Contact our Office for bookings in Accomodations or Student Housing, Rates and Availability. WindsongAarastyn