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Welcome to Windsong College of Healing Arts! 

Home of  The

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ & the Integrated Shiatsu Therapist. ​

Windsong College of Healing Arts offers training in a variety of different therapies for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Restoring Health and Vitality. Students study one therapy at a time to complete Modules that are recognized for certification by Professional Associations. Each Module is credited towards the Diploma which leads to the Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ and Registered Shiatsu Therapist Professional Titles. Each module builds learning towards the practice as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ and students can study Full Time and Self Paced to achieve their goals.

Windsong College and Clinic is currently located on the 10 Acre property at the foot of the beauforts in the Alberni Valley belonging to Lori-Ann and Todd MacLeod. Lori has worked in Holistic Therapies for over 25 years and spent 6 years in Japan studying the culture, therapies and traditions incorporated into the program. 

The CHHP™ education is an apprenticeship diploma that includes Theory, Practical Learning, and Practical Clinic serving over 300 clients in the Alberni Valley. Onsite classes have ranged from 2 to 15 students, with a current maximum of 14 seats onsite for each Intensive offering. Our class sizes are small to allow for personal attention and development for each student in their learning.

Our 1650 hour Diploma Offering is a Distance Combined Program that focuses the theory learning through a guided distance online platform and the Practical Hands On at the school in an intensive study combining personal growth, technical learning, and clinic practice.  Students may start at any time and may register for the Onsite Practical upon completion of the Distance Theory Portion. Students may study Full or part Time.

According to The government statistics on our Practice is rated for excellent growth and stability and in 2016 there will be one job opening for every job seeker. The 2020 forecast is for 2 job openings for every job seeker. The modern person is turning to the restored ancient arts to reintegrate their health into a cycle of balance and they are looking for guidance to do so. If your goal is to facilitate balance and open healing doorways, this may be the career for you. We invite you to join us on our Healing Journey in service and light.


Certified Holistic Health § Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma Program

  • Resource School: Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC
  • CHHP™ Designation
  • Combined Online Learning
  • Personal Growth
  • Flexible Study
  • NHPC Recognized Titles: Oriental Bodywork Therapist; Energy Medicine Practitioner; Elemental Iridology Practitioner; Integrated Shiatsu Therapist
  • Usui Reiki; Hot Waterstone Shiatsu; Chinese Reflexology & Auricular Therapy
  • Practical & Professional Experience on site


  • ​Oriental Bodywork: Shiatsu; Meridian Shiatsu; Chair Shiatsu; Hot Stone Shiatsu; Acupressure; AcuChi JinShin; Strange Flows; Aromatherapy for Acupressure; Oriental Theory; Auriculotherapy & Chinese Reflexology
  • Iridology: Western & 5 Element Eye Analysis; Nutritional Balancing in 5 Element Profiles.
  • Energy Medicine: Chakra Study; Bach Flower Level One; Meditation Study; Reiki First and Second Degree (to level III Master Practitioner); Qi Gong Healing through Breath; Aura & Chakra Healing with Crystals, Colour and Sound; Medicine of the Trees; Intuitive Therapeutic Radiesthesia

A Career in Helping others to regain Health is Personally rewarding!

The Certified Holistic Health Practitoner or CHHP™ is a recognized professional designation with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and Diploma Graduates are qualified to become a Registered Shiatsu Therapist™ with the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC upon completing the CHHSP Diploma Program. Windsong College is Accredited with PTIB under the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Windsong has delivered quality training to Holistic Health Practitioners since 1998 and has been accredited since 2000​. We are committed to assisting in the growth and development of Caring, Professional, Competent and Successful Holistic Health Practitioners​. We offer a place for our students to discover, learn, grow, create and communicate in a safe ​and respectful setting. We invite all that wish to learn and grow to come and join us in our school.

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